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My Dedication

This is just a simple webpage that I am making that is dedicated to the greatest girlfriend I have ever had. Her name is Jessica and I cant imagine being without her. She is everything to me and will always be. She fun to be around and can always make me laugh now matter what. She's been a gift to me. Words can not truly and accurately describe how I feel about her. I never thought that I was able to fall for someone so hard and so fast, but from the moment I first laid my eyes on her, she captured my heart and spirit. I love her more then anything in this world. She is in my every thought and my every heart beat. I am so happy that I have a great person in my life, and to call her mine is even more mind blowing. I get giddy just thinking about her. She's everything I've ever looked for in a woman! I feel as if I would be nothing without her. I know that I'll make you a very happy woman one day and I'll do everything I can to achieve that!

!!I love you Jessica!!

Until we talk again, keep dreaming, and dream one for me

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